Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is that Through connecting with immigrant women and girls,we grow our collective empowerment so that our voices may lead in our communities and define a new pathway for a racial equity and justice.

Our Mission

“Organized and Led by immigrant women living in Maine, we strive to bring together immigrant women from across communities and generations to ensure that Maine’s economic agenda includes the aspirations and needs of immigrant women. We create spaces that support women’s empowerment and personal ambitions without losing our unique identity and connect immigrant women and girls for collective empowerment in their communities to address common challenges and issues.”

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to provide educational opportunities, which include community wellness classes and Women’s Conversational English Groups focused on various conversation topics, activities and group building exercises that will allow attendees to improve their level of English proficiency and confidence with the language.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create and increase educational opportunities and provide access to knowledge through high level training, to empower more women and girls to reduce systems of inequity, to advocate for themselves and their families, to understand, to analyze and to assess the impact of racial injustices and learn tools to combat inequities.


Success Story

  • These classes teach me to be strong.They give me a confidence in myself. When I don’t understand what [something] is or where I can go to do it, this class shows me

    Nahlah Alsafar