Upcoming Projects

1. Sisters for Life
To walk with our immigrant’s sisters in their new path into a new community and allow them to take advantage of the opportunities available for the fulfillment of their objectives and dreams.
As a program of In Her Presence entity, we are primarily concerned with the sisters who have just joined the community to be settle and live her particular identity, her gift, professional background and capacity for the better of the community.
2. Nutrition & Cooking class
As a program created by women for women In Her Presence addresses a need for women from minority communities to connect in meaningful ways: learning English, identifying educational opportunities, finding employment, and addressing many other skills needed to navigate in their new home. The mission is to empower these women to grow, become their own leaders and advocates, and affect their own and their families futures.
A core mission is to facilitate cross-cultural exchanges among Portland’s immigrant groups. The barriers faced by minority women are not only with their American counterparts but also among their own diverse cultures. This is a daunting task, but one in which women have many tools that naturally bind them together and create unity. One of these powerful cross-cultural shared female identities is as the provider of meals for their families. Finding food, preparing meals and feeding others is a central part of creating a home. Gathering around a meal is a universal and enriching occurrence.
In Her Presence will create a program which will utilize the rich culinary backgrounds of participants to facilitate:
– The pride and excitement of sharing their native cuisine with others.
– An opportunity to explore food traditions, their origins, and pathways, which often depend on agriculture, climate, etc., (another opportunity for cross-cultural sharing).
– Sharing the language of food, names of ingredients, cooking techniques, preparation processes, color, texture, etc.
– Talking about shopping for ingredients, finding substitutes for the familiar, exploring local options.